Flappy Dumb

Many of you are probably aware of the insanely popular mobile game ‘Flappy Bird,’ and most of you are more than likely aware that the creator, Dong Nguyen decided to take it down from Google Play and the Itunes App Store at the weekend after making statements that the app was ruining his ‘simple’ lifestyle. What some may not be aware of though is how the fans of the game reacted to this decision.


I don’t know whether this was just a case of the classic internet ‘trolling’ or if these people were seriously upset about their beloved game being pulled from app stores, but either way, reading those messages made me think ‘how stupid can you be?’ The whole threatening to kill themselves or Dong Nguyen in itself is dumb but also if something is taken down from Google Play and the App Store, if you have it installed on your phone, tablet or whatever you can still access it no matter what.

There also seems to be a number of people who have exploited the fact that Flappy Bird is no longer available to download anymore by listing their phones and such with the app installed on Ebay. Kinda scary that people have actually made insanely large bids for what was a free app.


A small part of me wishes I hadn’t deleted the terrible game, could do with some extra cash, and an excuse to buy a new phone that works properly.

Stay beautiful


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